aBlaze in the Forest.

I slide in late.  It's a workshop that had appealed to my senses weeks ago and now, in the dark wet night, I am less enticed by the streetlight's reflections leaning toward the door than I am by the idea of going to bed.  early.

So I recognize I have a little attitude when I shouldn't.  It's 'Healing Art' for gods sake.  This is what I do.  And then it dawns on me.  This is why I have the attitude...this is what I DO.  All the while we've been asked to form a circle.  Ok. Fine.  and then a partner.  oh No.  Not fine.  I'm not ready to put my tea down...or take my jacket off.  I need some time to let the rain dry off my shoes so I can open up a little bit.  But there we are.  Trees.  Grounding into the earth and staring into one another's eyes and I've put my tea down.  and my jacket is off.  and I'm showing up now.  Sort of.  I've done this all before.  I say to myself.  and actually, I'd much rather be facilitating than letting this stranger put his 'branch' on my shoulder.  But I go through motions until it's time for sculpting.  our trees.  I choose a table that looks quiet..the 'get it done' people.  That feels good.  So We get to work with clay.  That feels good.  I like the feeling in my hands.  I want to massage it for some reason.  Slowly smooth out the rough fingerprints of my fast working fingers.  I'm into it now.  I'm here.  I'm present. ..And then my neighbor starts talking.  Complaining, actually.  Her tree keeps falling down.  "Well of course it is." I think.  It's a 2 and a half foot long snake that you are trying to make curve up toward the sun.  I ignore her.  and I keep to smoothing my tree, clear that if we have to partner again, it won't be with her. 

And then, of course, we partner.  I even attempt to reach out to someone else but we end up together.  Sharing our conversations with our trees.  She seems like she has a lot to say, so I invite her to go first.  OF course.  What she says, sounds almost exactly what MY tree said.  That can't be?!?  I didn't want her to be like me.  I didn't want me to be like her. 

Funny how it works.

It was a beautiful exchange. 

And then the lights went down.  The trees were quiet and Together, so were we.